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- Saucy By Nature recipe contest: Best Use of Sauce. Winner. Recipe–Pork Loin with Tomato Apple Chutney. (January 2012) link to contest
- recipe contest: Your Best Canned Fish. Winner. Recipe–Sardine Butter. (March 2012) link to contest
- Saveur Magazine’s 4th Annual Best Food Blog Awards: Finalist (Spring 2013) link to results
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Recipes & Food Articles:

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- Recipe: Fava beans à la croque en sel. Eat Your World Blog. (August 2012) link to recipe
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- “The Best Chocolate-Chip Banana Muffins,” Cup of Jo (July 2013) link to recipe and photos
- “Rigatoni with Fennel and Veal Sausage,” Uproot Wine (Summer 2013) link to recipe
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- “Raw Beans: A Tragedy, A Love Story,” (November 2012) link to essay
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- “(Sea)Life On the French Coast,” Life & Thyme (January 2014) link to essay and photos
- “Crêperie Bains des Fleurs,” Life & Thyme (January 2014) link to essay and photos

Creative Writing:

- “In the Morning,” Playbill Magazine (November 2006).  Third prize poetry winner in the Elegy Competition sponsored by The Washington Chorus
- “Sun Sestina,” Mortar and Pestle Literary Magazine (Fall 2007) link to poem
- “Inclement Weather,” Le Culte de Moi (2008) link to poem
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- “Jacqueline,” George Washington University English Blog (March 2008) link to poem
- “Red and Blue Make Purple,” The Master’s Review (Winter 2012). Shortlist
- “A Vicarious Life,” Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Competition (January 2012). Top-25 List
- “Red and Blue Make Purple,” Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers (February 2012). Honorable Mention
- “The Ring,” Five [Quarterly] (Spring 2012). link to story
- “Two Stories,” Semi-Finalist in Five [Quarterly]‘s annual Chapbook Contest (Spring 2013) Semi-Finalist 


- The GW Hatchet (September 2007 – February 2008). “New film about Genocide in Darfur Raises Awareness,” “What’s on our iPod: Ingrid Michaelson,” “New Restaurant Le Pain Quotidien Opens in Georgetown,” “Zaytinya: Worth a Trip to Chinatown,” “Juno: Not Just a City in Alaska,” “Movie Review: Penelope
- “Recipes From Afar: Sardine Butter, West Coast of France,” Eat Your World (May 2012) link to article 
- “Q&A: Hervé Rocheteau, saunier (salt maker), Île de Ré, France,” Eat Your World (May 2012) link to interview
- “Charente-Maritime,” Eat Your World (August 2012) link to article
- “Snail of Approval in Western France,” Slow Food NYC (January 2013) link to article
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